Leadership & People Management

The success of any business comes from leaders and managers with leadership and people management skills.

I have worked with businesses from solopreneurs, small businesses and large organisations in establishing leadership models and developing managers in becoming effective leaders.

When I initially commence work with businesses, I have found that there is one fundamental piece missing.

No matter what leadership model or leadership training is delivered, a leader cannot be an excellent leader until they are aware of their own limiting beliefs, barriers, strengths, weaknesses and behaviours,and how this impacts upon a business.

From this point forward, a leadership mindset is required to be developed to understand that you get business results through the people. The primary influence as a leader in business is always on the people.

I have come across a lot of managers being promoted into leadership roles because of technical skills, however lack the leadership skills to create high performing teams and achieve business results.

My Leadership & People Management program was developed to educate new leaders and managers or existing leaders and managers in the 8 essential key drivers in becoming an effective leader.

For over 20 years, I have been working with businesses in recruiting senior managers and I am very passionate about delivering inspirational and motivational leadership within the workplace. I have worked with businesses, groups and conducted one-on-one training with individuals in facilitating the Leadership & People Management program.


8 Essential Key Drivers


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