Is Fear of Failure stopping you from doing what you love?

I was working with a male client a few years back who was a highly successful lawyer. When they were growing up, their parents had inspired them to dream of becoming a lawyer. This then became his goal and he worked very hard to achieve this, even to the point of becoming a partner in a highly reputable law firm.

One day he was sitting back in his office reflecting on his achievements when he felt this intense feeling of something missing. He couldn’t pinpoint it, but he felt empty and lost.

This feeling continued on for months and he was beginning to lose motivation for his work. Even though he was excellent at what he did, the passion and excitement disappeared and he felt more like a robot doing the motions every day.

Maybe burn out he thought so he went to the travel agent and booked a trip to an island to enjoy some relaxing time. As a teenager, he had enjoyed photography as a hobby, but stopped this when he started studying his Bachelor of Law. He still had a camera so he got that out of the cupboard and packed it away in his suitcase.

During the holiday, he took photos of scenery, food and people and he felt alive and free. He got up every day and was excited by what creative approach he could use when taking photos. He was living with passion.

The holiday ended and he came back to work. It didn’t take long before the same feeling came back again. He thought about how alive and passionate he was when he was taking photos and how he would love to be a photographer. All these thoughts were going through his head. Could I be a photographer? No don’t be silly, you are a lawyer. How could I even make the career transition? It’s not possible. I can’t do it.

Breaking Free

Well he did do it once he let go of the fear and now he is a very successful photographer with his own studio.

Through a process of evaluation of getting to know thy self, his passions and purpose, he realised that his career goals were in fact his parents and not his own.

Have you ever felt like you are stuck in mud immobilised with fear to move forward in your career or change careers?

You are not alone. There are many people who do not even realise that they are unhappy or can’t quite figure out what they should be doing in their career.

I always ask my clients the following questions:

If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?

If money was no option, what work would you like to do?

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Our belief systems or fear can be overcome once you know the strategies to break free of them. Our family, friends or colleagues can also add to this fear and may deter you from achieving your dreams and desires. You can achieve your dreams with action and detailed strategies.

I have helped many clients make the transition from one career to another, retail assistants to marketing managers, recruitment consultants to medical receptionists, office managers to senior executives, doctors to creative designers (yep I know that is a very interesting one)

Would you like to know your career passion and life purpose? Let’s discover together.

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    The Author

    Bernadette Beach

    Bernadette Beach is a Certified Life & Career Coach, Strategic Interventionalist, Business Advisor, Talent Attraction Strategist and a passionate entrepreneur. She has over twenty years’ experience working with entrepreneurs, managers and individuals to tap into their potential, guide their development and build the capability of organisations.

    With vast knowledge and experience in recruitment consulting and the HR industry for over two decades, her knowledge and experience is vast in a wide range of roles and industries. This helps her to provide you with the best career advice to achieve a successful career.