Are You Making these Top 5 Resume Mistakes? Use 5 Tips to Resolve Them

Did you know that recruiters spend approximately 6 seconds on scanning a resume? Yes, I know that’s not long. That means you have very little time to get their attention.

Having been a recruitment consultant and career coach for over 20 years, I have seen some resumes that would make your hair stand on end and it made it obvious to me that jobseekers needed guidance on how to prepare a resume and the big boo boos to avoid.

In this blog, I wanted to rescue you from your resume being sucked into the black hole of no replies by avoiding making these 5 common resume mistakes.

Mistake No. 1

Your resume is not tailored to the role that you are applying for or no relevance to the industry.

Did you know that recruiters use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that scans resumes for keywords relating to the job role and their position description? No keywords, no contact.

Ensure you review the role you are applying for and the keywords that the company has used in the job description. Position these keywords throughout your resume.

Mistake No. 2

Resume is not in chronological order

There is nothing more frustrating for a recruiter than having to go to the end of the resume to find a candidate’s most recent employment.

Make sure your most recent role is the first role mentioned in your work history and then work back from there.

Mistake No. 3

The description of each role is in block text and outlines duties.

This is guaranteed to get your resume ditched. Remember you only have 6 seconds. A recruiter doesn’t have time to read through piles of block text.

Always remember these 2 words ‘White Space’. The solution to this is bullet points. Only ever use bullet points. A recruiter can scan your resume easily with bullet points.

Your resume needs to tell a story of your accomplishments and achievements. The recruiter knows the duties of the role they are looking for, they want to know about you, how you are different and what you can bring to them.

Mistake No. 4

Ditch the objective summary.

Recruiters don’t want to hear about what opportunities you are looking for.

Instead write an executive summary. This is your 30 second elevator pitch. It should consist of about 3-5 sentences describing what you are most passionate about, great at and the value you can bring to a prospective employee.

Mistake No. 5

The crazy layout of the resume.

Unless you are applying for a creative role, stick to black and white and basic fonts and do not use headers and footers

As mentioned before, recruiters use the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) so do not use headers or footers as it often gets scrambled in the system.

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    The Author

    Bernadette Beach

    Bernadette Beach is a Certified Life & Career Coach, Strategic Interventionalist, Business Advisor, Talent Attraction Strategist and a passionate entrepreneur. She has over twenty years’ experience working with entrepreneurs, managers and individuals to tap into their potential, guide their development and build the capability of organisations.

    With vast knowledge and experience in recruitment consulting and the HR industry for over two decades, her knowledge and experience is vast in a wide range of roles and industries. This helps her to provide you with the best career advice to achieve a successful career.